Ride4Reparations (r4r) is a group bicycle ride (hopefully a large group bicycle ride) to acknowledge the debt that America owes to the enslaved people who built our country without pay, and to recognize that the problems in Black communities in America are the legacy of slavery.

Bike riding is fun and good exercise. Our group will be made up of like-minded folks, so you’ll have a chance to make new friends.

We’re organizing a Ride4Reparations on August 21 (additional details to come). On this day, we’ll ride a 34 mile route through the Twin Cities, stopping at sites of importance to the Twin Cities Black community. At some of the sites, we plan to have short presentations highlighting their importance.

For reparations, we’ll ask participants raise money from friends and relatives and then donate it to agencies and institutions whose mission is to enhance lives of Black Americans.

Who Should Join Us for the Ride4Reparations?

Ride4 Reparations is new idea, and we know that means you may not know if it’s right for you. Please consider joining us if:

  • You love to ride your bike
  • You enjoy the company of positive people
  • You understand that the wealth and power of America is largely the result the labor of millions of enslaved people who were not paid for their work
  • You understand that the many problems in America’s Black communities are the legacy of slavery
  • You’re willing to donate, and ask your friends to donate, to an agency or institution that works to improve the lives of Black Americans. We consider this to be a form of reparation.

Our August 21 ride is intended to accommodate a wide range of of cyclists, and will include several stops along the way. Between now and then, we’ll be organizing at least one short ride each month. These rides will help us get ready for the long, 34 mile ride, and give us a chance to get to know each other.

We hope you’ll join us!