What is Ride4Reparations?

Ride4Reparations (r4r) is a group bicycle ride (hopefully a large group bicycle ride) to acknowledge the debt that America owes to the enslaved people who built our country without pay, and to recognize that the problems in Black communities in America are the legacy of slavery. Bike riding is fun and good exercise. Our group

The Rondo Neighborhood: Our Last Ride in 2020

By Hal Huggins Ride4Reparations held its third and last scheduled 2020 ride on September 26th; a tour of the old Rondo neighborhood in St Paul. When I arrived a few minutes before our planned 2:00 start time, almost all of the expected riders had gathered at Rondo Plaza and were taking in the text, maps, and

Ride Number Two: North Minneapolis

By Hal Huggins North Minneapolis is the area most often identified as Minneapolis’ Black neighborhood (though, in fact, it’s quite heterogeneous). On September 12, 2020, Ride4Reparations toured the area as part two of our three part introduction to sites of interest in the Twin Cities’ Black community. We congregated in the parking lot of UROC

A Personal Story

Why me? Why this? Why now? The words below attempt to answer these questions. I invite your reactions. The question that is not answered is “What is the Ride for Reparations?” A sufficiently detailed answer to that question is incomplete at this time. I look forward generating that answer with your collaboration. I am a black man who lives

Our First Ride

Ride4Reparations was conceived in the fall of 2019. It was born on Saturday, August 15, 2020, when seven intrepid cyclists set out to explore the legacy of slavery in South Minneapolis. The group included both the beneficiaries of slavery (4) and descendants of the enslaved (3). We visited the Lee House at 46th and Columbus,