Our Purpose

We believe that:

  • The United States of America is a powerful and prosperous country
  • The institution of slavery and the millions of enslaved people who suffered were a very important part of how the USA became powerful and prosperous
  • The descendants of enslaved people and people who look like them, African-Americans still, today, suffer with the legacy of slavery through segregated neighborhoods, unequal education, mass incarnation, denial/suppression of voting rights, and much more
  • If you are white in America, and especially if you are white and doing well in America, you are a beneficiary of slavery and its ongoing legacy
  • People of good will want to acknowledge the debt they owe to the enslaved people of the past and their descendants today
  • Reparations for this are owed
  • Ride4Reparations provides an opportunity for participants to:
    • Be part of a fun and healthy group bicycle ride
    • Get educated about the influence of slavery today
    • Acknowledge a debt of gratitude to the enslaved people who helped make our country powerful and prosperous 
    • Make a reparation payment to one of several agencies or institutions that serve to uplift African-Americans

Are You Ready To Join Us In a Ride For Reparations?

In the Aftermath of George Floyd’s tragic death and the upswelling of community support for real, lasting and fundamental restructuring of race relations in the United States, The Ride4Reparations is designed to serve as a vehicle to both enlighten and engage the community at large black, brown, yellow, and green – as well as white. The goal is to build relationships and mutual support via an annual bike ride meant to bring focus to the massive contribution enslaved people provided to the early development and economic growth of the county and a reflection on the loss suffered by that population due to slavery and to post-civil war prejudice and suppression. By virtue of their participation, participants are ideally on the road toward the more perfect world about which Martin Luther King dreamed. Learn about our upcoming events


George Floyd Memorial Ride 4 Reparations 8 - 2020
George Floyd Memorial Ride 4 Reparations 8 – 2020

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First Black Family home in S Minneapolis

Learn About the Arthur and Edith Lee Family

Black Business Corner

Learn More about the early black business community in South Minneapolis

Tilsenbuilt Homes Minneapolis Historic District
Tilsenbuilt Homes Minneapolis Historic District

South Minneapolis became the third center of black population in Minneapolis in part as a result of Tilsenbuilt homes. Learn More

Nacirema Bottle Club was the social hub of the South Minneapolis Black Community

Nacirema Bottle Club was the social hub of the South Minneapolis Black Community.

Once a black service station
Once a black service station

Learn more about the business that was once at this location and the trials they endured.

Victims Names Listed
Victims Names Listed
And a Grave Yard of Sorrows

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