New Partner! REI!

REI has long been a neighborhood supporter and is now proving that commitment once again! Reparations is about one making amends for a wrong done to another. REI believes riders who identify as non-white (often the term BIPOC is used for Black, Indigenous and People of Color) should not be required to pay financial reparations in the form of a ticket price. Thank you, REI! They have decided to give all tickets to our BIPOC riders for free and will pick up the bill at the end. That’s a good neighbor and a good example.



Next Ride: A History of Racial Covenants in Minneapolis Housing

On August 21st the Ride4Reparations “Housing and Neighborhood Covenants” 15 mile bike tour of the Twin Cities will take place highlighting the story and history of covenanted housing communities in Minneapolis. Learn about who could, and more importantly who could not, purchase houses in what neighborhoods and why. The educational component of the ride will be led by Penny Petersen, of the University of Minnesota’s Mapping Prejudice Project. Thank you Penny!

The ride has a suggested ticket price of $75.00 to cover costs and to help support Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ).

Please consider joining us if:

  • You love to ride your bike
  • You enjoy the company of positive people
  • You understand that the wealth and power of America is largely the result the labor of millions of enslaved people who were not paid for their work
  • You understand that the many problems in America’s Black communities are the legacy of slavery
  • You appreciate why an organization like Northside Achievement Zone is important to support financially and that doing so is just one way to make reparations.

Details About the August 21 Ride

Our Ride4Reparations begins at McRae Park in South Minneapolis (906 E 47th St). From there, we will go west two blocks to 4600 Columbus Ave., the Lee House. We will then ride north on the Park Avenue bike lane to the Greenway, where we will head east to 29th Avenue South. Then we will head north on 29th Ave to Franklin Ave, and east on Franklin up a not-too-steep hill (the only notable one on the route) to 2003 Franklin Ave SE, the Madison Jackson House.

As we leave the Jackson House, we turn around and go back down the hill to West River Parkway, where we proceed south along the Parkway. After a short stop at 2848, the home of the president of Augsburg College, we will continue south to 32nd St., where we jog right, then left onto Edmond Blvd. At 34th St., we will head west for two blocks, then take another left onto Park Terrace, where we will stop near 3420 Park Terrace. Next, we will continue south to 36th Ave., where we will get back on the Parkway and continue south. When we get to the spot where West River Parkway becomes Godfrey Parkway, we’ll go west.

From there, we will continue on the bike path that follows Minnehaha Creek until we get to the 4600 block of Nokomis Avenue, where we will make our last stop before returning to McRae Park, which is two blocks north of the bike path along Elliot Ave.